Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Heart

Counselling DegreeIt’s always a good thing to help your fellow man (or woman!). There are those blessed souls who dedicate their entire lives to helping others, guiding them through life when the going gets tough. I’m talking about Counsellors; men and women who have trained to help us all out when life throws us a few curve balls or two! Their skills are many, and they deal with issues such as depression, addiction, stress, grief, relationship problems and much more. At Save Happy Valley we think that this profession deserves a lot of credit. If helping people sounds like a great thing to you (it does to us!) and you wish to become a counsellor, then there are many schools, such as Vision College in Hamilton, New Zealand that offer a counselling degree. With that you will be able to help all those around you, leading them to a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy heart.

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